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Lionel Choo

Hiring dashboards are here!

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We are always helping our clients hire better and what better way than to introduce live web dashboards to clients on our exclusive search and managed services contracts. Gain easy access to all the information you need from candidates profiles, hiring stage to interview schedules. No more filtering through your email inbox to look for that piece of information.

Information at a glance.

Have a bird's eye view of your hiring pipeline with a clean user interface. Know which stage of the hiring process each candidate is at. Click on the cards to drill into the details of each candidate and profile summaries and comments from your assigned recruiter.

Everything you need to know about the candidate from the dashboard

Your interview schedules in one place

Switch to calendar view to see scheduled interviews and pull out the candidates information. No more toggling between your email and your calendar.

One-click to view your interview calendar

Powerful Database

Toggle to List View to access the every field of the database and and identify where the gaps are. Great for reporting and analysis! 

Switch views to create a spreadsheet report

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